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Be one of Austin’s thousand true fans. Join Black Fret today.

Read about Black Fret in the August Forbes article “‘You Just Paid Me To Write A Song’: Black Fret Helps Musicians In Austin And Beyond

Black Fret is a 501c(3) public charity that is built upon the simple principle that our local music, like the symphony and the opera, is worthy of the community’s support. We thank the hundreds of Austinites who have joined Black Fret, nominated the bands they love, experienced intimate private events throughout the year and ultimately voted to select the nominees who received a Black Fret grant. Through their generous patronage Black Fret has been able to award $280,000 in grants in just two years. With each new member we can do so much more. Membership costs about $100/month after tax and entitles you and a guest to attend two private events a month. Do you love our city and our local music? Then join Black Fret and become a Patron of Local Music.

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