Mission and Vision

Black Fret’s mission is simple: to support the creation and performance of music. But behind its simplicity lies great significance. The music industry, always a hard environment for any artist to make it, is only becoming more challenging. Yet the depth and breadth of incredible music being made in many of our communities is better than ever.

It is the dedication, hard work, creativity and hustle of these artists that inspire us to support this music. We believe that a city is built on the work of its creators. And that unless a community comes together to support those who create, especially when macro economic forces are making it harder and harder for bands to exist, let alone thrive, then we will move from cities of creators to cities of consumers.


“Black Fret helps build powerful communities that fuel the creative economy, social cohesion, and civic pride—all by investing in their local musicians.”
Richard Florida
Best Selling Author, The Rise of the Creative Class

Strong, local arts of all kinds are vital to the health of our communities. Operas, symphonies, theaters, ballet and other art forms have been supported for generations. Now it is time to step up and support the music that is our lifeblood. The music that moves us that is being created today. Black Fret presents that opportunity for two cities today: Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington.

Our goal is to create a global network of connected communities, all supporting their local music economies. And in the process of creating this network, provide opportunities for our Black Fret bands to travel between cities, playing bigger gigs and being paid for shows they would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. When more people hear and see the music, the musician is more successful.

Want to understand how me make this vision a reality? Let us tell you about how Black Fret works.