In the Spring of 2022, with the generous support of the Walton Family Foundation and the House of Songs, Black Fret is bringing six of our finest musicians from Austin and Seattle to Northwest Arkansas to perform alongside NWA’s exceptional local musicians. On the first and second weekends of March, April and May these bands will be performing together at six free public and six private events held across NWA. Links to tickets are below. To explore music from these incredible musicians, click here. To read the series’ press release click here.

Private Concert Series
If you are interested in attending a separate series of smaller private concerts with other Patrons of Local Music, please click here to learn more about how you can support your local music community.

Free Public Concert Series

Get your tickets for the free public shows here:
Saturday, March 5th:
Saturday, March 12th:
Friday, April 1st:
Friday, April 8th:
Saturday, May 7th:
Saturday, May 14th:

COVID Notice: Black Fret acknowledges that the COVID pandemic impacting our nation is ongoing and can be dangerous. Guests are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated and masks are welcome but not required. Attendance is at your own risk.


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